Aris Kokou – Aeonian

For the 25th release, Aris Kokou prepared a deep spiritual house track with live instruments. The single consists of 4 Mixes, the original, 2 percussion led and an ambience mix. Aeonian: lasting for an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time. The whole universe is a realm of

Phaze Dee – Visions EP

We are very happy to present 'Visions', the first ep of the established producer Phaze Dee for Deep Soul Space Records. Foot stomping but deep as well 'Visions' consists of two deep house cuts with the classic chicago feel. Daydream is more groovy with heavy beats, driving

Chris Deepak And Aris Kokou – Earth Species

The latest release from Deep Soul Space is a collaboration from Chris Deepak & Aris Kokou. The duet delivers 'Earth Species', a well polished Afro House track with cosmic jazz aesthetics, physical ingredients and a driving rhythm blending back the Africa's glorious 70's afro jazz sounds,


Deep Soul Space introduces a new producer on its roster, giving you a glimpse of the deep-jackin scene. Nec SFS presents Nacano Dreams EP, which consists of two tracks: The Nacano Dreams, a leisurely paced house track, with deep and jazzy elements and pure dance-floor inspiration that