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Aris Kokou feat. Emily Nea – Kongni Mi Ngong

Drawing from the rich musical traditions of Cameroon, Aris Kokou's 'Kongni Mi Ngong' is a soulful house track that fuses pulsing electronic beats with the soaring vocals of Emily Nea. From the first notes of the driving bassline, the track sets a hypnotic groove that pulls

Soulface Feat Unqle Chriz – About Love

Embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and delves deep into the intricacies of the heart with 'About Love,' the latest soulful collaboration from Soulface and the mesmerizing vocals of Unqle Chriz. In this enchanting composition, Soulface's evocative production weaves a tapestry of emotions, creating

DJ Feevos Feat Morris Revy – The Face

Introducing 'The Face' by the talented DJ Feevos featuring the incredible vocals of Morris Revy. This soulful afro jazzy house track is a musical journey that will transport you to another realm. The rich vocals of Morris Revy perfectly compliment the smooth, laid-back beats and groovy

Chris Deepak, Ulethu, Manashe – Tega Tega

'Tega Tega' is a blissful Soulful house track that brings together the soaring vocals of Ulethu and the soul-stirring beats of Chris Deepak and Manashe. The track opens with a delicate riff of guitar, setting the mood for the passionate vocals to enter soon after. Ulethu's

Aris Kokou – In Other Worlds

Renowned DJ and producer Aris Kokou has unveiled his latest masterpiece, 'In Other Worlds'. The track features an eclectic mix of Afro, Spiritual, Latin, and House elements, producing a vibrant and dynamic soundscape that is sure to mesmerize listeners.

Soulface feat Ed Ramsey – Making Love, Making Music

Get ready to fall in love all over again with Soulface and Ed Ramsey's latest release 'Making Love Making Music.' Soulface and Ed Ramsey's collaboration 'Making Love Making Music' showcases the perfect union of Soulface's impeccable arrangement and production with Ramsey's mesmerizing vocals and evocative lyrics. This

DJ Feevos – In Respect

Introducing the new album 'In Respect', with warming melodies and inspiring music. Produced by the talented DJ Feevos, this track invites listeners to explore a spectrum of emotions, as they take a journey through a sea of sound. Uplifting beats and calming harmonies create an atmosphere of

Sounds & Grooves Vol IV

Our annual compilation out today! Deep Soul Space presents the fourth compilation of the series Sounds And Grooves. The compilation is a selection of tracks from the first 52nd to 70th release of the label since 2014. The package consists of released and unreleased exclusive remixes. Some of

Soulface feat Ed Ramsey – Move Your Feet

Soulface returns to our label for a new single, this time collaborating with Ed Ramsey. Sylvere generated a massive soul, deep house anthem which is uplifted by the warm voice & lyrics by Ed Ramsey. The pack contains 2 Disco oriented mixes from Chris Deepak, who is

P.M project feat. Inami – Be Mine

P.M Project teams up with Inami and deliver this magical song called Be Mine. The happy vibe of the singers mood together with the fantastic flow and lyrics of the song, in combination with the dynamic - dance floor- ready arrangement including the necessary elements like