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Aris Kokou feat. Emily Nea – Kongni Mi Ngong

Drawing from the rich musical traditions of Cameroon, Aris Kokou’s ‘Kongni Mi Ngong’ is a soulful house track that fuses pulsing electronic beats with the soaring vocals of Emily Nea.

From the first notes of the driving bassline, the track sets a hypnotic groove that pulls listeners into its rhythmic spell. Emily’s vocals, sung in her native language, adds a layer of cultural authenticity to the track, infusing it with the warmth and spirit of her African roots.

As the track progresses, Aris expertly layers in percussive elements, creating a dynamic and immersive soundscape that begs to be danced to. ‘Kongni Mi Ngong’ is a celebration of African music and culture, brought to life through the lens of contemporary, soulful house.’

Official Release Date: 29/03/2024





Written and Produced, Mixed by Aris Kokou
Vocals by Emily Nea
All instruments written and performed by Aris Kokou except Marimba on Amapiano mix by Michael Afolayan
Photo Credits: Funkyness @ Del Mar Porto Rafti
Mastering by Angelos Stoumpos at Timewarp Mastering


March 23, 2024



Afro, Aris Kokou, Deep, House, Soulful