Amore Eterno by Aris Kokou feat. Rosana Galli | Deep Soul Space Records

Aris Kokou Feat Rosana Galli – Amore Eterno

‘Love is eternal, the aspect may change, but not the essence.’ Vincent Van Gogh.

Amore Eterno is a Brazilian-Latin-Afro-Soulful house gem that tries to captivate the essence of the healing force called love.

Both Brazilian and West African elements are leading the arrangement with Afrobeat drum groove, flawless percussions, acoustic guitar solo & melodies.

All these ingredients alongside with the beautiful vocals from Rossana Galli, guarantee that this single will become a heartfelt soundtrack.

This single is dedicated to Nikos Diamantopoulos.

Written and produced by Aris Kokou.
All instruments written and performed by Aris Kokou except Bass guitar written by Aris Kokou and performed by Viktor Kouloubis.
Vocals and lyrics written by Aris Kokou and performed by Rosana Galli.
Vocals Recorded by Jose Manuel Castro Skertchly at Cinemática Music studios Mexico.
Mixed by Nikos Diamantopoulos and Aris Kokou.Cover Credits:
Creative Director: Olga Fasoi.
Artwork: Maria Nitsiou.


March 8, 2018



Aris Kokou, Soulful