Chris Deepak, Ulethu, Manashe - Tega Tega - Deep Soul Space Records

Chris Deepak, Ulethu, Manashe – Tega Tega

‘Tega Tega’ is a blissful Soulful house track that brings together the soaring vocals of Ulethu and the soul-stirring beats of Chris Deepak and Manashe.

The track opens with a delicate riff of guitar, setting the mood for the passionate vocals to enter soon after. Ulethu’s soulful voice perfectly blends with the African-inspired beats, creating a rich and captivating sound.

As the track unfolds, the bassline grooves with energetic rhythms as layers of synths and percussion build to create an uplifting soundscape. With a refined sense of momentum and elegance, ‘Tega Tega’ presents a combination of house and African influences in a fresh and organic way. The track is a triumph of collaboration between these talented artists and showcases their ability to create music that is both soulful and earthly.

Release date: 24 November 2023

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Written by Chris Deepak, Manashe and Ulethu.
Mixed, arranged and produced by Chris Deepak.
Vocals written and performed by Ulethu.
Mastering by Aris Kokou



November 22, 2023



Afro, Chris Deepak, Deep, House, Soulful