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DJ Feevos – In Respect

Introducing the new album ‘In Respect’, with warming melodies and inspiring music.

Produced by the talented DJ Feevos, this track invites listeners to explore a spectrum of emotions, as they take a journey through a sea of sound.

Uplifting beats and calming harmonies create an atmosphere of joy and beauty, while also giving depth and emotional resonance.

Let this incredible track take your breath away with its majestic harmony and exquisite production.

The pack contains 2 mixes, the original and a remix from Aris Kokou

Written & Produced by Dj Feevos
Organ by Guillaume ╬ťetenier
Synth Bass Aris Kokou
Mastered by Aris Kokou
Additional remix credits:
All instruments except the Organ by Aris Kokou


March 10, 2023



Afro, House, Soulful