Vagelis Stefanopoulos - Sonance Vinyl LP - Deep Soul Space

Vagelis Stefanopoulos – Sonance Vinyl LP

With the hope for more love and more peace to the world we are happy to present our next endeavour is a 180 gram coloured vinyl LP from our maestro Vagelis Stefanopoulos .
“Sonance” is a producer’s jam with sounds of nature.
Underspoken solos, steady rockin grooves and minimal harmony interact with water, birds, crickets, cicadas, waves and more.
A lot of care has been taken to create tonal colors reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s era matched with contemporary electronic sound effects.
Sonance is not surfing on any fleeting production trend but stands upon the roots and traditions of the art of record making.
This vinyl will make your sound system radiate warmth and your thoughts will drift along with the music’s perpetual motion. Its goal is not to impress but through its depth and width it creates a vibrant space full of love for life and all living things.
Recorded at home or boutique studios every link of the production chain is hi end and personal. It features some of the best international musicians spawning from Greece, Europe’s underground melting pot, each one of them offering their profound musical spirituality, perception and expertise.

Vagelis Stefanopoulos | Piano, Keys, Electric guitar, programming

Giannis Gardiklis | Sound design, post processing on A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B3

Angelos Polychronou | Percussion on A1, A3, B1

Mike Kapilides | Drums on A4 & B1

Theo Gkoutsides | El. Guitar solo on B1

Faye Karastergiou | Vocals on B2

Drums on A4 & B1 Recorded at Md Recording Studios by Nikos Michalodimitrakis

All tracks composed, produced and mixed by Vagelis Stefanopoulos

Mastered by Pete Maher

Cover art and design by Dimitris Georgiadis


March 4, 2022


LP, Vinyl

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