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Jerome Kaluta

Jerome Kaluta is an Athenian native, a composer / performer who has managed to combine Afro-European musical influences of funk, soul, reggae and disco, and incorporate them into his musical production and interpretation, also called Urban Soul.

He signed a contract with Warner Music Greece in 2011 and released the single “It Does Not Hurt OK” while on 2014 he is on the roster of EMI / UNIVERSAL MUSIC and with the releases of AfroDance single “Home” and “Le courageux”.

As a solo artist Jerome has appeared in most music venues in Greece, and has appeared in 2 music documentaries for Hip Hop (Rhythms and Rhymes | Open Mic) at Premiere Nights. In 2015 she participated in the film “The Adorned” by Katerina Bakayannis at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2018 he participated in two feature films, “The Bachelor 3” directed by Yiannis Papadakos and “Aegean SOS” directed by Pierre Andrakakos, gaining public and critical reviews.

He participated in special concert projects such as Painted Black in the Garden of the Great Music with Idra Kayne, Mc Yinka and the Beatboxers Word Of Mouth at the Benaki Museum as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival with George Nanouris’ performance HERE Afrosession dedicated to African music legends, at the big ERT SummERTime Radio Festival, at TedXThessaloniki at the Royal Theater of Thessaloniki, Melijazz.

Jerome Kaluta has been collaborating with composer Stamatis Kraounakis for many years. In his many years of collaboration with Stamatis Kraounakis and the Spira-Spira theater group he has participated in many musical and theatrical performances at the Athens Music Center, the Hellenic Foundation for Hellenism, the Michalis Foundation, the Herodion, the Epidaurus, and ancient Greek theaters and music Cyprus.

For 3 years from 2016-2018 she was with Dimitra Papadopoulou and Fokas Evangelinos in their comedies “Mana I Will Go to Hollywood” and “I Can’t Stay Alone” and also worked with George Theophanous on the first 4D children’s musical ” MONSTERS. ” Theatrical season 2018 – 2019 will begin with a new collaboration with Eleni Gassouka at the Lambeti Theater and the bucolic comedy “The Epic of Malamu”.

With The Shape of The Movement Orchestra he tries to instill listeners / spectators into Urban Soul, a mix of all the musical genres he loves, namely urban hip hop, Funk, Soul, Swing and Afro, combined with his unique energy. on stage.






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