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Aris Kokou feat. Emily Nea – Kongni Mi Ngong

Drawing from the rich musical traditions of Cameroon, Aris Kokou's 'Kongni Mi Ngong' is a soulful house track that fuses pulsing electronic beats with the soaring vocals of Emily Nea. From the first notes of the driving bassline, the track sets a hypnotic groove that pulls

DJ Feevos Feat Morris Revy – The Face

Introducing 'The Face' by the talented DJ Feevos featuring the incredible vocals of Morris Revy. This soulful afro jazzy house track is a musical journey that will transport you to another realm. The rich vocals of Morris Revy perfectly compliment the smooth, laid-back beats and groovy

Chris Deepak, Ulethu, Manashe – Tega Tega

'Tega Tega' is a blissful Soulful house track that brings together the soaring vocals of Ulethu and the soul-stirring beats of Chris Deepak and Manashe. The track opens with a delicate riff of guitar, setting the mood for the passionate vocals to enter soon after. Ulethu's

Aris Kokou – In Other Worlds

Renowned DJ and producer Aris Kokou has unveiled his latest masterpiece, 'In Other Worlds'. The track features an eclectic mix of Afro, Spiritual, Latin, and House elements, producing a vibrant and dynamic soundscape that is sure to mesmerize listeners.

Takis Drakopoulos – First Call Man

The track is an ode to the person who is always the first choice and called first, trustworthy and available to solve any situation occurs.

Soulface feat Ed Ramsey – Making Love, Making Music

Get ready to fall in love all over again with Soulface and Ed Ramsey's latest release 'Making Love Making Music.' Soulface and Ed Ramsey's collaboration 'Making Love Making Music' showcases the perfect union of Soulface's impeccable arrangement and production with Ramsey's mesmerizing vocals and evocative lyrics. This

Aris Kokou & Phaze Dee – Azymuth

Renowned music producers Aris Kokou and Phaze Dee join together to pay tribute to legendary Brazilian jazz-funk trio, Azymuth. Their latest release is a soulful blend of funky grooves, jazzy vibes and melodic beats that represent the essence & spirit of the bands origin and

Michael Afolayan – The Lady Is Pure Magic

'The Lady is Pure Magic' is an Afro spiritual house music release from Michael Afolayan which uses Yoruba heritage, spirituality, and live instruments to create a unique sound.

Aris Kokou, D Angelosi, Jerome Kaluta – Papa Funk

Aris Kokou teams up with D Angelosi and Jerome Kaluta for this jazzy afro house single release entitled 'Papa Funk'. Dedicated to the legendary Manu Dibango, pays homage to African funk and disco. An eclectic journey of grooves, the release combines elements of afrobeat, soulful house, afro-jazz,